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Teacher Resume Objective

Here is a sample job description for Teacher job.

Teacher Job Description:

* As a teacher in our institution, you would be required to prepare daily as well as longer term lesson plans according to the course curriculum.
* Your primary responsibility would be to teach the entire range of learning areas, as per the subject/s allotted to you.
* You will be required to develop interest and abilities of the children, by way of creative activities like art, music and sport.
* You would be required to use the computers to assist in lesson preparation, teaching as well as reporting.

For a job description like above, you will need to write a resume objective as below:

Teacher Resume Objective:

Positive attitude, public school back ground, excellent communication skills and proficiency in co-curricular activities are some of my characteristic traits. A keen interest in teaching and an excellent academic track record along with three years of teaching experience are the other factors, which would help me to create a wonderful teaching environment for my students.



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