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Security Officer Resume Objective

  • Here is a sample job description for Security Officer job.

    Security Officer Job Description:

    * They have to guard, patrol and monitor premises to prevent theft, violence, or infractions of rules.
    * They are in charge of all the junior security guards working under them.
    * It is the duty of a Security guard to delegate responsibilities and to ensure that others are doing their duties in an efficient manner.
    * They need to inspect and adjust security systems, equipment, and machinery to ensure operational use and to detect evidence of tampering.
    * They must circulate among visitors, customers, and employees to preserve order and protect property.

    For a job description like above, you will need to write a resume objective as below:

    Security Officer Resume Objective:

    I am a self motivated, team work spirited and hard working security guard with 5 years of extensive experience in this field. I am looking for a job as a Security officer in your institution in order to contribute my communication as well as interpersonal skills and performance to benefit the growth of the company.

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